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Process - FlyHub

Travel API is basically a set of web facilities to access travel agreements from different travel consolidators. The travel APIs simplify to access their rich content and travel agreements like flight APIs, hotel APIs, Holiday APIs for travel agencies, trip operators and travel companies. Inventory is the heart and soul of any travel association.

For the shareholders who are successively a Travel Company you might propose tour packages for different travel destinations. By incorporating FlyHub’s travel API with your personal software solution, you as a travel facility supplier, offer supreme travel connected facilities like flight bookings, hotel booking and tour booking to your prospective clients.

In current technology time, the flight booking section of the travel sector has developed progressively competitive. With the major tour operatives and websites offering clients an extensive variety of opportunities all in one place, it's challenging for the smaller travel agents to compete.

As ever, at FlyHub Online, our professionals have developed a solution which helps small- and medium-sized travel mediators globally to overcome this task. This solution will support you to sell a massive inventory of flights from a large group of airlines straight to your clients.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and in modest language is a technique for one company to lawfully access the products of another. At FlyHub, when we deliver you with access to our flight API, and when it is integrated into your website, it will permit your clients and your industry access to an excessive variability of services.

  • Exploration of Flight – national and global.
  • Stress-free execution.
  • Integration maintenance.
  • Immediate booking
  • Tickets revocation, reissuance- immediate revocation of LCCs.
Process to Go Live

Step 1: Registration
Travel partner will go to api.sandbox.flyhub.com and register online for sandbox credentials. On successful registration travel partner will receive sandbox credentials to his or her email. Upon receiving the credentials travel partner can initiate the process of integration.

Step 2: API Support
During integration if the developer face any difficulties, travel partner can reach out to [email protected]

Step 3: Test Cases
Below is the list of test cases that needs to be executed by travel partner at their end. JSON Request/ Response for these cases along with the pnr numbers will be required for verification as a part of the certification process. Also, please make sure that test cases should be sent to the API team case wise rather than all test cases in a single notepad file.
[Case 1]: Domestic One way – 1 Adult
[Case 2]: Domestic One Way – 1 Adult + 1 Child
[Case 3]: Domestic Return – 2 Adults
[Case 4]: International One way – 1 Adult + 1 Child + 1 Infant
[Case 5]: International Return – 2 Adults + 2 Child + 1 Infant
[Case 6]: Multi way – 2 Adults

Step 4: Certification Request
Once Integration done successfully travel partner needs to send an email to [email protected] along with compressed folder[.zip extension is prefered] containing Request/Response logs to the above test cases, Static IP address of the production server of the client from where API requests are coming to Flyhub.

Step 5: Test Cases Verification
Flyhub will verify the test cases using JSON Request/ Response and suggest, if there is any change required. The turnaround time for the test case verification is around 4-5 working days.

Step 6: Go Live
On successful completion of all the above steps, Flyhub will whitelist the client's server IP, give sign off and provide Live access details to the travel partner. It is strongly recommended that the client also completes their UAT before making the services live at their end.